Diagnostic Follow-Up


BTTF provides diagnostic follow-up to patients, including additional views, ultrasounds, MRIs, biopsies and fine-needle aspirations. After each screening event, BTTF enrolls approximately 7-8 women in the diagnostic follow-up program.

BTTF establishes agreements with hospitals and imaging centers to receive reduced rates for diagnostic follow-up procedures. Current price structure below (BTTF PAYS MEDICAL PARTNERS ACCORDING TO FEE STRUCTURE BELOW- ALL SERVICES ARE FREE TO PATIENTS):

Unilateral Sonogram/Ultrasound: $100
Bilateral Sonogram: $125
Diagnostic Mammogram: $100
Fine Needle Aspiration: $400
MRI: $500
Core biopsy: $650
Stereotactic Biopsy: $750
Clinic Visit Charge: $0-150