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BTTF in the Boroughs: Self-Exam Workshop for the South Bronx Community   


Please join us this fall at the Community Healthcare Network for a Breast Self Exam Workshop open to women (and men) of all ages. Real breast models will be provided and used to identify any suspicious lumps. Colorful, user-friendly, free breast-exam cards will also be distributed at the event, available in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean. Uninsured women attending that are in need of further exams or breast diagnostics-even those that are under the age of 50-can also gain access to additional care through BTTF programs. 

Date: 9/19/19 Time: 9:00am-11:00am Location: 975 Westchester Ave



BTTF in the Boroughs: Self-Exam Workshop and Yoga Class Manhattan Event


Our third self exam workshop will take place at the Charles B. Wang Community Center and will include a free yoga class with one of our favorite teachers Mary Chan! Real breast models will be used at the workshop to feel and identify any suspicious lumps. Women (and men) of all ages are encouraged to attend and bring their friends! Free, user friendly self-exam instruction cards will also be handed out at the event available in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean. These cards can help women to better understand the local healthcare resources available to them. Any uninsured women attending that need additional care will gain access to more exams or diagnostics through BTTF programs. Please come for a fun and informational day! 

Date: 9/20/19 Time: 9:00am-11:00am Location: 268 Canal Street

BTTF in the Boroughs: Self-Exam Workshop and Stretch Class For the Parent Community at Brooklyn Tech High School

All women (and men) from the Brooklyn Technical High School community are invited to attend breast self-exam (BSE) workshops, and identify suspicious lumps with real breast models. Students will be encouraged to bring their mothers to the BSE workshop.

In an effort to make breast care and education more accessible for uninsured parents in need at Brooklyn Tech, local nonprofit Breast Treatment Task Force (BTTF) will partner with top health centers in NYC to bring breast self-examination workshops and distribute their user-friendly, free breast-exam cards to the women of the Brooklyn Tech community in Chinese, English, Spanish and Korean languages.
Participants can also attend a complimentary yoga stretch class and receive goodies from BTTF’s beauty partners. Uninsured women attending that need further exams or breast diagnostics can also gain access to the additional care they need through BTTF programs–even those that are under the age of 50.

Thursday, June 20

Brooklyn Technical High School
29 Fort Greene Place, Rooms 2N4 & 2N6

Why this event?
To help our community to learn about breast health , gain access to high-quality and affordable breast care in NYC, and better understand local healthcare resources available.


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BTTF in the Boroughs: Get Breast Cancer Off Your Chest

Fall 2018— Breast Treatment Task Force joined our network of community partner to co-host a multi-lingual, five-borough info series on breast care for uninsured, working women. The series provided self-exam instruction, mammograms, BTTF diagnostic support, treatment programs and healthcare access. 


500 BSE cards distributed in 4 languages: English, Korean, Spanish and Chinese
Launch of Korean-language breast self-exam cards
200 Patients received breast self-exam instruction
200 Goodie bags distributed
80 Patients received breast screenings
Five National Sponsors: Linné Botanicals, Vidham Teas, St. Ives, Tease Tea, Seaweed Bath Co.
Five Community Partners: Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Community Health Center of Richmond, Community Healthcare Network, Planned Parenthood, Korean Community Services

Special Thanks to Political Representatives from the Office of Representative Serrano, the Staten Island Borough President’s Office, and Congresswoman Meng for their support on site. 

Fall 2018 Schedule:

Sept. 7 (Manhattan) Charles B. Wang Community Health Center (free mammograms on the van, self-exam workshop, all participants receive goodie bags)

Sept. 26 (Bronx) Community Healthcare Network (self-exam instruction workshop, self-exam card distribution, healthcare access counseling and goodie bags)

Sept. 27 (Staten Island) Community Health Center of Richmond (self-exam instruction workshop, self-exam card distribution and goodie bags)

Oct. 26 (Brooklyn) Books Are Magic (BTTF program info, volunteer info, self-exam card distribution and goodie bags; Yes Way Rose and local restaurants offering food and drink donations for all attendees)

Oct. 30 (Queens) Korean Nail Association Annual Health Fair at DaeDong Manor in partnership with Korean Community Services (self-exam instruction workshop, self-exam card distribution, yoga class, mammograms on the van, and goodie bags

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