BSE Sponsorship


Wellness and Breast Self Examination Card Sponsorship

BTTF seeks funding to print and distribute Breast Self Examination (BSE) Cards in local communities. BTTF’s colorful BSE cards educate women about how to conduct breast self-examinations and how to identify suspicious masses in their breasts. These cards address literacy and language discrepancies in prevention and early detection of breast cancer, increasing the chance of successful treatment and long-term survival. The colorful cards are available in Chinese, Spanish and English, and other languages can be requested.

How You Can Help:

BTTF partners can sponsor BSE card printing and distribution pricing below. Women needing clinical exams or further screening can be enrolled in BTTF’s screening program.

To sponsor BTTF’s Breast Self-Examination cards, fill out the form here and email to Please contact Janice Zaballero ( for questions or more information.