Corporate Sponsorship

Breast Treatment Task Force believes that every patient deserves access to breast cancer screening, diagnostics, and treatment, regardless of their age or ability to afford insurance.

Currently, patients in New York City face many challenges while trying to access high-quality breast care. Many of the patient served by BTTF are “working uninsured”, either due to employer’s inability to provide coverage or cannot afford high out-of-pocket costs of insurance. Even for patients with insurance, most breast care programs are restricted to women ages 50 and older. Furthermore, the majority of breast care programs focus on advocacy, outreach, or research, and do not pay for direct services for low-to-mid income patients.

BTTF has created an innovative model composed of a referral network and provider network that facilitates high-quality care for uninsured patients throughout NYC. Each year, BTTF provides approximately $1.5 million in medical services for low-to-mid income patients, yet our goal is do more. According to the New York Academy of Medicine’s report on the BTTF model, our existing imaging partners can accommodate 15 times the number of current annual patients with over 20,000 additional procedures every year. With a return on investment of 8:1, your investment will create a lasting impact on breast healthcare in New York City.

To become a BTTF corporate sponsor, please send an email to Please contact Janice Zaballero ( for questions or more information.